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27.02.2012 Wall Street Journal Articel

In the new Wall Street Journal is a very nice articel from Will Lyons, here you can read more…..

Wall Street Jounal Article

21.09.2010 Opitz One 2010 about to be picked

Yesterday we started to pick the Zweigelt Grapes for our famous Opitz One 2010. They were handpicked, selected and laid on reed mates to dry them up to 8 month. You`ll find some pictures in the german articel „Beginn der Schilfweinlese“.

23.04.2010 „Culinary Art Festival in Linz“

Willi Opitz attends the „Culinary Art Festival“ in Linz to present his wine „Sweettour BA 2007“ to more than 800visitors. 9 topchefs like Alfons Schubeck, Kurt Gutenbrunner & Toni Mörwald prepared a fantastic 9 course Dinner!

17.03.2010 “ Vinaria Trophy 2010″

Our Sämling Trockenbeerenauslese 2007 was awarded with the „Vinaria Trophy 2010“ for the bestaustrian dessert wine. David Schildknecht, Willi Klinger and further wine pro`s where attending the ceremony!